Saatva Factory Closeout Mattress

Saatva is known as the best priced online luxury mattress brand. Saatva Classic hybrid innerspring mattresses blend the durability and support of a coil-on-coil innerspring system with the finest eco-friendly foams.

Because we are a brick-and-mortar store, we are not able to sell Saatva mattresses directly from their active product line. However, due to special arrangements with the Saatva mattress manufacturer, we are able to access their closeout inventory, which consists of scratch-and-dents, customer returns within their trial period, cancelled orders, warehouse excess inventory, and previous year models.

As such, the factory will not offer warranty on factory closeouts. However, come on over to Andrew’s Furniture today to get the quality Saatva is known for at prices that are pennies on the dollar by taking advantage of their factory closeout models.

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